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About Frodis

The Frodis Co. develops software for Mac OS and iOS. As primary and secondary contractors we've developed dozens of commercial applications and plug-ins as well as proprietary and branded products.

We're ready to bring your ideas to life on Macintosh and iOS.




Mac OS Development

Over 20 years of experience and dozens of commercial apps delivered for clients like Kodak, NASA, Auto F/X and Quark.




iOS Development

We have developed some of the best apps in the App Store including the App Store 2011 Rewind #1 Finance app for iPad: MarketWatch Market Data App.

Other sucess stories include The Wall Street Journal, TVGuide, Exact Target, Mass Times


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iDropper® is an application for creating FTP uploader client "droplets", which you can distribute to anyone you wish, or use on your own desktop.

A droplet is a mini-application that sits on the computer desktop as an icon. Once a droplet is configured, FTP file transfer is accomplished simply by dragging files and folders onto the desktop icon. End users require no knowledge of FTP protocols, do not need to install and configure an FTP client, and NEVER need to know your FTP login and password information.


Made in USA

Made in the USA

Yes, we're an American company with customers all over the world